Annual General Meeting

On the 22th of January 2023, The Macedonian Society of Great Britain held its Annual General Meeting. All nominations were elected in the new Board, and the Executive Committee was formed as follows:

  • Dr Panagiotis Dafas – President
  • Mrs Natasha Svetzouri – Vice President
  • Mrs Anastasia Spanopoulou – Vice President
  • Mrs Maria Tsianti – Secretary
  • Mr John M. Carras – Treasurer
  • Mrs Eirini Krimitsou – Member
  • Mrs Fotini Verdis – Member
  • Mr Kostas Halatsis – Member
  • Dr Filippos Mavroskoufis – Member

All appointments took effect as from the 22th of January 2023.

Dr Dafas, President of the MSGB, stated: “I am really delighted that two new members have joined the newly formed executive committee. Maria and Kostas are old friends of the society that have recently reconnected with us, and we welcome them on board with great pleasure. Their enthusiasm and eagerness to help the society inspires all of us to continue promoting the culture and history of Macedonia and the Hellenism with renewed energy and new ideas.“

The Executive Committee

The Macedonian Society of Great Britain