<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 4.01 Strict//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-strict.dtd"> <html> <head> <title>The Macedonian Society of Great Britain /    </title> <META NAME="Description" CONTENT="greekLondon - Live a Greek life in London!"> <META NAME=keywords" CONTENT="macedonbia, macedon, makedonia, thessaloniki, alexander, london, england, uk, britain, british, greece, greek, hellenic, hellas, culture, society, community"> <meta name="Created" content="04.05.2013"> <link href="style.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="screen" /> </head> <body bgcolor="#F5E8CF" topmargin="10" leftmargin="20" width="1440"> <table> <tr> <td width="311"></td> <td> <img src="philippos_head.jpg"> </td> <td width="30"></td> <td> <span class="normal-text-blue32"> <center> The Macedonian Society of Great Britain<br />    <br /> </span> <span class="normal-text-blue16"> <b>www.macedonia.org.uk</b> </span> </td> </tr> </table> <br /> <img width="1440" height="2" src="darkbluedot.gif"> <br /> <table> <tr> <br /><br /> <td width="220" valign="top"> <span class="normal-text-blue16"> <a href="index.htm"><b>&#149;&nbspMain</b></a> <br /><br /> <a href="about_us.htm"><b>&#149;&nbsp;About us</b></a> <br /><br /> <b>&#149;&nbspEvents</b><br /> <a href="event.htm"><b>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&#149;&nbsp;Forthcoming events</b><br /></a> <a href="pastevent.htm"><b>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&#149;&nbsp;Past events</b></a> <br /><br /> <a href="join.htm"><b>&#149;&nbsp;How to join</b> <br /><br /> <a href="macquestion.htm"><b>&#149;&nbsp;The Macedonian question</b></a> </td> <td width="20"></td> <td width="360" valign="top" align="justify"> <span class="normal-text-blue13"> <b>The Macedonian Society of Great Britain</b> was founded in 1989 and is a Registered Charity. It is dedicated to the promotion of Macedonian history, culture & heritage and is the main organisation in the UK that informs and educates the public that Macedonia, its history and its heritage, are Hellenic. <br /><br /> The Society is involved in organising lectures and presentations, by well known historians, academics, journalists and politicians, all open to the general public. These events keep alive in the public consciousness the fact that although the Macedonian name has been misappropriated by a foreign people, our identity can not be. <br /><br /> The society also aims to be a focus for the Greek community in Great Britain organising social events and gatherings. </span> <br /><br /><br /> <table width="360" class="curvedEdges"> <tr> <td valign="top"> <center> <span class="normal-text-blue16"> <u><b>Donations</b></u> </span> <br /><br /> <span class="normal-text-blue14"> <!-- &#149;&nbsp<a target="all" href="https://cafdonate.cafonline.org/donatesteps.aspx?beneficiarycampaignid=2626">Make a donation to our 25th Anniversary Appeal</a> <br /><br /> --> &#149;&nbsp<a target="all" href="https://cafdonate.cafonline.org/donatesteps.aspx?beneficiarycampaignid=2625">Set up regular donation / subscription</a> <br /><br /> </span> </center> </tr> </td> </table> </td> <td width="40"></td> <td width="360" valign="top"> <!-- <table width="360" class="curvedEdges"> <tr> <td valign="top"> <center> <span class="normal-text-blue16"> <u><b>Forthcoming events</b></u> </span> <br /><br /> <span class="normal-text-blue14"> Next event TBA </span> </center> </tr> </td> </table> --> <table width="380" class="curvedEdges"> <tr> <td valign="top"> <center> <span class="normal-text-blue16"> <u><b>News</b></u> </span> <br /><br /> <span class="normal-text-blue14"> <a target="all" href="ann20180620.htm">             </a> <br /> <!-- <a target="all" href="http://www.kathimerini.gr/853340/article/epikairothta/ellada/yhfisma-ths-etaireias-makedonikwn-spoydwn-gia-to-8ema-onomasias-ths-pgdm">          </a> --> </span> </center> <br /> </tr> </td> </table> <br /><br /> <table width="380" class="curvedEdges"> <tr> <td valign="top"> <center> <span class="normal-text-blue16"> <u><b>Forthcoming events</b></u> </span> <br /><br /> <span class="normal-text-blue14"> <b> An evening dedicated to Mt Athos </b><br /><br /></span> <span class="normal-text-blue13"> A panel discussion in English with <br /> </span> <span class="normal-text-blue14"> - Graham Speake (Author / The Friends of Mount Athos)<br /> - Konstantinos Rigopoulos (Architect)<br /> - Alice-Mary Talbot (Scholar/Historian)<br /> - Reverend Douglas Dales (Author)<br /> - Father Nikonas (St Paul s Monastery, Mount Athos) [Invited] <br /><br /> <span class="normal-text-blue13"> On <br />Friday 12 October 2018, 7:00 p.m.<br /> At<br /> The Hellenic Centre, 16 Paddington St, London W1U 5AS <br /><br /> <hr> <br /> <span class="normal-text-blue14"> <b>Christmas Ball</b><br /></span> <br /> <span class="normal-text-blue13"> On <br /> Saturday, 15 December 2018<br /> At<br /> The Royal Garden Hotel, 2-24 Kensington High Street, London W8 4PT <br /><br /> <span class="normal-text-blue14"><a href="event.htm"><b>&nbsp;&nbsp;More details</span></b></a> </center> </tr> </td> </table> <br /> </td> <td width="40"></td> <td width="380" valign="top"> <span class="normal-text-blue16"> <center> <b>MACEDONIA</b><br /> 3000 years fof Greek history, culture and civilization </span> <br /><br /> <img width="345" height="164" src="arch\6.png"> <br /> <img width="345" height="164" src="arch\8.jpg"> <br /> <img width="345" height="164" src="arch\3.jpg"> <br /> </center> </td> </tr> </table> <br /><br /> <table> <tr> <td width="1440"> <img width="1440" height="2" src="darkbluedot.gif"><br /> <center> <span class="normal-header-blue"> &nbsp;&nbsp;&#169;&nbsp<a href="http://www.macedonia.org.uk">The Macedonian Society of Great Britain</a>, 1998 - 2017&nbsp;|&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="mailto:sec@macedonia.org.uk&subject=websire enquiry">sec@macedonia.org.uk</a>&nbsp;&nbsp; <br /> </span> <span class="normal-text-blue12"> The Hellenic Centre, 16-18 Paddington Street, Marylebone, London W1U 5AS, United Kingdom<br /><b>Registered Charity No.: 1044357</b></center> </td> </tr> </table> </body> </html>